About United In Christ

UIC Logo United In Christ (UIC) was started in January 2007 by Homer and Angela Slack and operated a radio station United In Christ Radio (UIC Radio) up to December 2011 in a town called Grimsby in the United Kingdom. After suspending broadcast due to lack of needed financial and programme development support etc. we switched focus to publishing and is now working on developing Christian writers. Our main and most prominent publication is the Christian magazine SHARE.

We therefore started a 'writers group' where published as well as unpublished writers can get together and help each other to get the gospel out in a more efficient and effective way using the power of the pen. We also have a bible school Open School of the Bible. Contact us for more information.

Joining UIC does not mean you need to fit into any mould, take on any label or be from a specific denomination. You need however to be Christian, agree with our Statement of Faith and have a view to work with others for the purposes of the kingdom. True unity can only come from willing hearts.

Charity Number 1140448

To help, facilitate and encourage people to discover and use their spiritual gifts and natural talents that they may become effective workers for Christ using every ability and facility made available to us by God.

Mission Statement
To discover and empower God's people for the work of the ministry.

UIC hopes to:
• discover hidden gifts and talents;
• empower God's people to become a joint of supply to the wider body; 
• give our youth a new sense of purpose and hope for the future as they too discover their gifts and calling in life; 
• secure a bank of people and resources that can help to develop those who have a desire to move forward and be productive for God;