Advertise in SHARE Magazine

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Thank you for enquiring about advertising in SHARE (a quarterly Christian Magazine).

The magazine is full colour so you have the advantage of using a range of colours in your advert. A 1/4 page block advert which measures 9cm wide x 13cm high. A strip advert measures 6cm high x 18.5cm wide.
For best print quality we require non vector images to be at least 300dpi.

Note: Adverts must be from Christian individuals, Christian owned businesses or Christian organisations.
Our printed magazines are free, purchase advertising in it or on our website to help us keep it free. We also   do appreciate donations.
Although we are a young magazine statistics indicate that we may have hit our 1000 viewers mark from as far back as early 2015.
We continue to improve the quality of our design and print so will only accept adverts that are of a high quality. Find out more about ART & DESIGN SERVICES if you need your advert designed (see advert bellow).

Note: We commit only about 3 of our magazine pages to adverts therefore the placing of your advert will be subject to the availability of spaces. As an international magazine, adverts with an international appeal will get preference over those with just a local appeal. Otherwise adverts will be placed on a first come, first serve basis.

We reserve the right to withdraw or not place your advert:
– if the quality is poor
– if its content violates the Christian ethos in any way
– if its content promotes a doctrine that is in direct contrast to those stated in our Statement of Faith
– if the brand is not Christian owned or a Christian organisation

Contact us to arrange your advertisement

Kind Regards,
SHARE Magazine,
Advertising Department