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Welcome to our blog page where we feature controversial topics. You may know that one of the surest signs that we are in the end times is deception, of which today there are many. To help combat these, we have dedicated a whole section of our website to being a discussion forum. We are doubtless committed to promoting discernment and critical thinking especially on topics that mostly cause confusion and therefore used to deceive. Join a discussion and have your say!

New Testament Tithing is it Biblical?

by H. Slack
Christians often asked the question; should I tithe? The answer is NO! Reason? We can see no basis in the Bible for…


Spiritual Abuse

by A. Slack
I recently became alarmed at the frequency at which I run into people experiencing a frustration with Church in some cases resulting in a withdrawal from communal worship… The Research is showing that this phenomena called Spiritual Abuse, is leaving many Christians with  emotional scars and some with mental breakdown….




God’s Economy

by H. Slack
I am unable to bring to mind a single New Testament scripture that encourages investments in natural resources but I can think of many that instruct us to use our natural resources to make spiritual investments…




Addressing the 2 Extremes – Hyper Grace Teachers & Law Keepers

by H. Slack
To begin let us clarify something. The statement “We need to do nothing because Christ has done it all” is erroneous when used as a general statement without giving it context. As pertaining our salvation Jesus has indeed done it all…



The Jew, Gentile Controversy

by H. Slack
Justification and righteousness was always by faith even from the beginning and through the Old Testament (OT) and the Old Covenant (OC). A good example of this is Abraham who was declared righteous by faith, Rahab and Ruth who were grafted into the commonwealth of Israel because they believed…



The Danger of Titles

by H. Slack
Titles are dangerous because they label rather than describe. A bottle labelled medicine could contain poison and everyone may believe the lie until someone drinks it. The proof of the cake is in its eating not the beauty of its icing….