Andrew’s testimony covered by Jhonelle - Article April 2018

Everyone has a story and what makes each unique is the fact that it was idiosyncratically lived by an individual with nuances and intricacies experienced by no one else. There are many similarities in our stories but not enough to make any two stories identical. This is the beauty of the human experience; that similarities and differences in our lives make good teachers.

So here is a story, but not just another story, it is one lived by a young man who we’ll call Andrew., It tells us of his journey from brokenness and abuse with the different nuances and intricacies that he experienced and how he found they led him to freedom in Christ. Andrew, born in St. Catherine, Jamaica to a family of seven, unlike many Jamaicans, Andrew has lived with his father for most of his life, after his mother decided to leave because of physical abuse by Andrew’s father.

He remembers himself as a violent child and attributes his aggression to his interest in watching wrestling and the harshness he experienced from his father. “The men in my family are promiscuous women beaters and  I don’t want any of that,” Andrew added as he shared the more than colourful history of his family.

A Broken Tender Stem

Unfortunately, the kaleidoscope of sin and generational curses penetrated the life of little Andrew as his introduction to sex was through molestation between the ages of 5-14 by people who were close to him. This exposure did not end here but led to an explosion of perverted sexual exploration. “I was introduced to gay porn at the age of 4 and I watched and carried out the acts with  my molester,”  this Andrew believed open the door to his heightened sexual interest.  “I became addicted to oral sex to the point where I couldn’t control myself once someone asked me, (usually a male) I’d do it.

This lifestyle of sexual perversion followed Andrew through to his teenage years,  “I was so madly in love with attention that I masturbated in front of some females just to get their attention, I committed consensual incest with my female cousin at age 13, when she was age 8 and  I was tempted to molest young males.”

Andrew sought solace and attention in academic excellence but realized that even after doing well that people still rejected him. He became suicidal and thought of ways to take his life but through the revelation of God’s spirit a lady from Andrew’s church had a vision of him desiring to commit suicide, this became proof of God’s love for him.

Restored And Renewed!

In 2013, Andrew gave his heart to the Lord after having heard the gospel in a very practical way.

Two young ladies from a youth ministry shared with Andrew a real intimate personal fellowship with God where you can hear from Him and you can be honest about how you feel with Him. He went through the process of learning and loving this great God and is now passionately pursuing and willing shares the gospel with those he meets.

“I am a big advocate for sexual purity,” and he unashamedly shares the love of Jesus. He however, confessed that it isn’t the easiest of journeys considering his colourful past and instances of shame and guilt have arisen but he reminds himself that this battle is not against flesh and blood and God’s love covers a multitude of sins.

Andrew’s encouragement:

“Give Christ a shot! Tell someone, you will never know who you can trust unless you extend it to them, tell someone who you are close to, as in a close friend. If you have no such person, try a counsellor if you prefer someone you’ve never seen before. Christ has done wonders for me, I gave my burdens to Him and He gave me rest, His love is vast!  You are relentlessly pursued by an All sufficient God! John 3: 16 and Romans 8: 28. You are a new creation once you accept Christ. 2 Corinthians 5: 17.”

“He has taken away your sin as far as the east is from the west. His love for you is as high as the heavens above. I guarantee you, He won’t fail you. He took  nails in His hands for YOU. He took lashes for YOU. He dealt with being insulted and betrayed by His closest friends and love ones just for YOU. He laid down His life just for YOU; and for those in the LGBT community, be honest with yourself, the temporary pleasures that you enjoy are significantly less than the pain and the hurt you feel when you’re alone.”